Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On My Way Again

Crayola Colored Pencil

"God does not give us more than we can handle" I am told but I wonder if God doesn't overestimate me just a little.  Or perhaps, and this is likely, I underestimate God.  Julia Cameron

The last four months have been grueling.  I had a knee replaced with complications; I'm not going rehash the details but I have learned some interesting lessons.  One is that I am not immune to the frailties of life-- I didn't really think I was, but it wasn't fun learning that first hand.  I discovered how much I missed having a partner in life to stand by me in hard times and the loneliness was acute.
Ecstatic Colored Pencil

On the positive side, I learned that I am extremely blessed to have friends and family who did stand by me.  They fed me, visited me, did errands and chores for me, chauffeured me and checked on me; they celebrated my successes, mourned the struggles and prayed for me.  All this showed me that God was with me, even though I thought it would be best if He'd just take away the difficulties.  My condition was only temporary--others are not so fortunate.

I am on the mend and happy to say that I didn't come out of the dark time with an artist block.  While not able to sit at the drawing table I did accomplish a few things, like the drawings on today's page.

I'm looking forward to spring and summer, my favorite time of year and creating again, starting with a commission.

A Dream A Doodle