Sunday, September 18, 2016

Maxie-ims Volume I

A quote is just a tattoo on the tongue. ~Attributed to William F. DeVault 

Short sentences drawn from long experience.  ~Migel de Cervantes

I'm discovering that everybody is a closet quotesmith. Just give them a chance. ~ Robert Brault, 
An Artist's EKG

I absolutely love quotes. During a busy day when I am on the move I have trouble paying attention to a passage with more than a few phrases so I best remember power sentences-- brief and to the point.
While I am a pretty smart cookie, I seriously doubt any of my thoughts are original. Maybe I heard them somewhere and forgot the source. Maybe when someone somewhere, thunk 'em, they bounced on the waves of the universe to me. And this is not an original format-- others have used it.

Don't bother calling the grammar police.  My English professor taught that as long as we know proper English we can choose to butcher it for effect. I use that permission liberally.

The thing that will pique my most intense curiosity is the thing that is none of my business.

They tell me I need to clean my own side of the street but I really think I need to clean my house first.

I have trouble meditating but it seems I do best if I simply study the face of a flower.

Not only Big Brother is watching us but so is his wife, father-in-law, great-granddaughter and three of his friends on Facebook.

Some people are unable to immediately notice beauty; it has to be pointed out to them.  That is why the world needs artists.

Jesus said to forgive a person 7 times 70 but if I only trust once, or twice--three times at the most, I won't have to use all those forgivens.

Leonardo's Ribbons
Falling in love with physical beauty is easy. The challenge is to look for beauty where it is not so obvious.  Don't reject the treasure because of the package it is wrapped in.

On getting older: The thing I miss the most is my eyebrows.

Some say that they can't stand liars and refuse to have anything to do with them.  Some of my favorite people are liars.  The are .... colorful.

The only time I miss my landline is when I misplace my cell phone.

When I copy and paste and hesitate to select "cut," as I'm afraid I will never see my well crafted sentence again.

Today's obesity's problem is not necessarily caused by ice cream, potato chips and visits to McDonald's. It is also caused by diets.

A soulmate is not necessarily a lover but anyone who soothes, heals and understands your soul.

Fractured Proverb: It is better to eat vegetables in the middle of a field than to eat meat in a house of strife. You can reverse that if you are vegan.

A word to Millennials from a Baby Boomer: Don't be like Hitler's Youth who blindly followed a very bad ideology that sounded good.  You have great libraries and the World Wide Web at your disposal, so research the candidates, the platforms, the ideologies, the history. More is expected of those who have been given greater light.

Sometimes even the spell checker doesn't know what to do with me.

On politics: Ain't gonna say. I will either be preaching to the choir or pissing someone off.

People freak out about the germs in a kitchen sponge. I wonder... are they planning to eat it?
Monet's Feathers

Melancholy is part of an artist's personality and that is why they walk close to the edge of darkness, sometimes falling off. But it is when they embrace the light that you see their brilliance.

I haven't walked away from God but there were certainly times that I strained at the leash.

Sometimes the path to Humility is through Humiliation.

As an artist, I have an abundance of paper all over the house--sketch pads, journals, notebook paper, sticky notes, stationary... and I still write on envelopes.  

It appears to me that those who have the most secrets talk the most.  If you can't get a word in edgewise then you can't ask questions.

You get cholesterol from eating meat and eggs? What is in cattle and poultry diets that gives them cholesterol? Grains. Look at the food pyramid the government created and what is the largest section? Hmmmm....

Garfield quote: I am not fat, I'm just easy to see.

Stay tuned for further flights of fancy...