Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Change is inevitable--except from vending machines

Tom's at Home

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it change the way you think about it.  Mary Engelbreit. 

Change always comes bearing gifts. Price Pritcett

I began writing this blog three years ago today.  I was inspired by the movie, Julie and Julia, to keep a blog of my own, and the reason for beginning this endeavor was the hope of breaking a crippling artist's block, but in the end, it became a journey of growth and healing.

My life has not changed, yet everything has. Some things are still frustratingly the same... I am still single, still in the same house, and still weigh more than I want; I have done everything in my power to change those things and yet here I am still the same.

However, everything has changed and I am grateful for God-given blessings, such as greater physical health and mobility.  Today I went shopping, taking advantage of the after Christmas clearances and I am not tired or in pain and I didn't have to cut short my time in the store or use a motorized cart.  After 5 years of struggles, surgeries and therapy, I am in better shape then I have been in almost 20 years.  I am loving that. As I walked briskly back to my car I whispered a mantra of "thank you, thank you, thank you." I thank God for a more active life-- I have gone bowling, dancing and tent camping. Instead of shopping until I drop, I can shop until I run out of money.

Since December 26 2009, I have become more creative and slightly more prosperous--showing and selling my work locally and through commissions. The internet has played a role in transforming my life, not only through this blog; social networking sites like Facebook has given me wonderful friends from around the world. I also interact with other artists and have shared and sold art online. My work is on 3 international sites, including one based in France. I recently entered an art contest and one of my paintings made it into the semi-finals.
I am trying new things artistically such as moonlit painting above done in the honor of Thomas Kinkade, and I carry a sketch book in my purse so can I draw or doodle every chance I get.  At first I wasn't comfortable sketching in front of people but folks usually let me be myself and allow me to draw without making a fuss.

So I look confidently to 2013.  Maybe I'll win an art contest; maybe I'll sell my house or perhaps I will just modify it to make it suit me. I might find a sweetheart this year or maybe this new active lifestyle will help me to lose weight. Whatever changes are ahead, one thing won't change -- me.  I'll be the same ole girl.


  1. Hiya Maxie, great to read you again after such a long time. I share so much of your experiences and feelings about the changes in your life. I too have recovered so much of good health and mobility; can walk and do so many things including travelling.
    Nice to see you back! All the 'bestest' for 2013.

  2. Thank you Joy!! the best to you next year. May we both have stellar years. ♥