Friday, April 2, 2010


Humility does not mean thinking less of yourself than of other people, nor does it mean having a low opinion of your own gifts. It means freedom from thinking about yourself at all. ~William Temple
Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are. ~Malcolm S. Forbes
We have to render ourselves vulnerable... Dan S.
Alright, Mr. Temple, you are right. I have been thinking about myself way too much, at least in an unhealthy manner. And Mr. Forbes, it is true, I have been focusing on what I lack rather than what gifts I do possess. I still strive for balance in these matters but I feel pretty darned good tonight, because, as my friend Dan S. says, I rendered myself vulnerable to a group of friends... and they responded with love. I shouldn't have been surprised. My friends are the most precious gifts in my life.
This painting is called Gift, or Blue, I have it in my files under both names. Maybe I'll call it Blue Gift. I love the way that irises have the ability to capture the early morning sun, making them glow like they have little candles inside. Of course I have to get up early to catch that effect; being an night owl means I have to stumble out of bed, grab the camera and start shooting before I even have coffee. But the results are worth it.

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