Sunday, May 16, 2010

Relax Max

Relax, Max
Your nerves are just like jumpin' jacks, Max
Your heart is thumpin' with a crazy sound
Hear it pound
Bumpin', bumpin', bumpin'Jumpin' up and down. Dinah Washington
Rule #1: don't sweat the small stuff.
Rule #2: it's all small stuff.
Rule #62 Don't take yourself too seriously.

I think I am finally beginning to relax. I don't realize how tense I was until I started to relax. I have been calmer lately and happier and that is an answer to a prayer. I am still facing some challenges in my life, but when did I get the idea that I wouldn't have any? Well maybe I thought I could get a break from them--just for a little while? Please God? I believe, though, that I am called by God to serene no matter what is going on and I have been sorta failing at that, getting too caught up in my own tragic story, and that only takes me to dark places. I want to live in the light, if that means I have to focus on the positive even when I am not feeling like it, then--so be it.

Lighthouse a very relaxed painting. Watercolor is a challege for me because I don't do "looseness" very well. When I first painted it, I almost threw it away. I am glad I didn't, because looking at it years later, I have decided I like it--it's looking very relaxed.


  1. Maxie,

    I like this, although I'm a sucker for anything seaside. You make me long, however, for a closer-up view. I want to zoom in on the cliffside and the lighthouse and see what is on the hidden horizon that glows the sky pink. But I guess that that is what you're up to in this one -- to pique a desire to enter and explore.


  2. You're right. It's peaceful, and I like it! (I love watercolors.)


  3. This is actually one of my favorites and I'm pretty sure I know it's location {or one that looks very similar.} The painting takes me back to that place when it was serene and kind to me. Brilliant work hon!!