Monday, March 8, 2010

Make Friends With the Monster

"You can't rise above your own attitude of yourself. If you're insecure and you lack confidence, the attitude that you display will cause others to have no confidence in you, either." ~Joyce Meyer.

When I was a little kid, maybe age 5 or so I had a reoccurring nightmare where I was chased by a monster, and it terrified me. I told no one about this and was afraid to go to sleep at night; there seemed no to get rid of the dream. I decided one day that I would just make friends with the monster and all day I thought about ways to make friends with it and that is what I was thinking about when I went to sleep. Amazingly, in the dream that night, I did make friends with the monster and it never bothered me again. I have monsters in my life, and while some should be banished, there is one --which is the me that hates myself-- that I should make friends with. I have read about self-image in several places today and tonight's meeting was on self-love. A friend gave me a list of of 101 ways to pray, and number 99 is "Ask God to show you how others see you." Yikes! When the same topic comes up several times in a day I take it as a message from God that I should pay close attention to. The image I have of myself, especially my physical body, is pretty bad. That is the monster in my life. It is time I made friends with it because it is coloring everything else in my life. I have heard that strong confident people are attractive, so I am praying that I will be a Proverbs 31 woman "clothed in strength and dignity and laughing at the days to come."

The painting is an early watercolor, a lighthouse called Point no Point, or at least my version of it. The light is still active operated by the US Coast Guard and is on the Puget Sound.

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