Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be My Valentine

You can always find a reason to give thanks if you look in the right places. Joel Osteen

I like this sunrise picture. It was one of the best vacations of my life where the US Navy took families on a cruise. They took my family from the base in Everett WA by bus to Victoria, BC where we met up with our sailor, and at 0500 the next morning, we boarded the USS Abraham Lincoln for the trip back to Everett. Totally cool.

I promised Friday night in a meeting that would be less whiny and more focused on others this week, so I when I published the totally pathetic and weepy post last night, I immediately deleted it. I promised to keep this blog real but I think continued complaining is not going to foster growth and recovery in me. There are those in more dire straights than I: a man awaiting a heart transplant, a woman needing a liver, another with cancer --and on it goes-- and all of us would be well-served if I pray for them rather than contemplating my navel.

I actually had a very nice Valentine's day. I went to church in the AM, watched the Daytona 500 with Daughter and Grandson and attended a banquet tonight at the church with friends where I laughed a lot. I sent out a number of Happy Valentine's texts and got back 6 messages and several phone calls. I even worked awhile this afternoon on the portfolio, while I watched Joel Osteen's message on Let Go and Let God.

A friend gave me a list of 101 ways to pray. Number 36 said to ask God for for a spirit of hilarity. God help me to look at this week's chores and challenges with a spirit of hilarity.

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