Monday, February 8, 2010

Keeping it real

Today the only thing positive about this post is the painting... and the fact that I am posting. All the sanity of the weekend fled and I have been a basket case all day. I can't account for the emotions; all I can say is that they are what they are. I scheduled hip surgery which kinda freaks me out, but I was crying before that and on the way home. I went to a meeting and had to make myself stop crying before I left so I could put on make-up. I managed to keep it in tact during the meeting even though the topic was "the wreckage of our past." Geez, just what I needed to hear. But I cried it off on the way home. Nothing like a good bawl to remove mascara; saves on cold cream. Nuff said about this day, or I'm gonna be swearing.

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