Friday, February 5, 2010

Ignorance in Art

Look and you will find it--what is unsought will go undetected. Sophocles. Wow! That is a blinding flash of the obvious!

I remember the early days of creating, I was intimidated by other artists, by galleries and art shows. The featured artist's bio always had a list of his or her degrees in art in what schools, and I didn't think that I could show my work, and say that I learned to paint and draw from library books; somehow I was ashamed to say I was self-taught. These artists actually had studios and I sometimes had to paint at the kitchen table. When I did go to college at age 37, the painting classes left a lot to be desired --the teacher drank on the job--so today what I know about painting comes from my self-taught era and I still learn that way today. When I started drawing as a young mother, I didn't know I needed an education to create, so in my ignorance made some really good art!! ;o) Even on notebook paper.

CWCW: I have the portfolio ready to assemble. I have the art records updated and I will print them out and use them as an index. I have so many photos I have to use a larger album than I planned. I have a record of 2 sculptures, 105 paintings and 110 drawings (a lot of the earlier art was never photographed or recorded). Of course because of sales, gifts and loaning works of art to irresponsible people, I don't own all the pieces, but I do have a photo record of most of it. This is inspiring me so that I am beginning to plan what I want to do when I finally do sit down to the drawing table. That was the plan. :o)

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