Thursday, January 21, 2010

Acceptance... the Key. I really need the key too. I am trying to accept where I am right at the moment-- that my heart aches and I can't define it. Self-acceptance has really been a struggle for me, but I have great hope that I will figure it out. I cannot live without hope, so I thank God I have some.

No CWCW today because I was too busy. Three medical appointments--mammogram (It was just smashing! :o) the eye doctor, and my primary MD who gave me a shot in the hip joint. God, let it take away the pain. I worked 2 hours at the museum, had lunch with friends, bought groceries and went to the pharmacy. Then tonight I went to a meeting. I am pleased that the day went smoothly and that I had good attitude. I even got a late BD present: a family of armadillos!! Well, five small ones carved out of stone from a friend who knows how much I love Texas. They will live in my cactus dish garden. I love good days.

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