Monday, January 25, 2010


Today I scanned the rest of the drawings and watercolors into the computer, and as always as I look through my collection of art by Maxie (or M Simmons or Dutch, depending on the era I created in) I am awed of my ability even in my early attempts at art, which is a gift from God of course.
I found the very first drawings I did as a young mother, done on cardboard I found in a package of hosiery--I never could resist a clean white surface. Being poor I did not have art supplies, and some of my coolest drawings were done on lined notebook paper, like the baby above. I also had absolutely no training, until I went to college at age 36. I just drew what struck my fancy such as Chief Joseph, center, which I drew in my late 20's. I didn't start painting until a neighbor bought me my first set of oil paints and I taught myself to paint from library books.
Today I discovered that I once drew free hand in pen and ink where there is no erasing--how brave I was, and the celebrities I drew are recognizable such as John McEnroe and Pope John Paul II. I believe that is Glen Campbell above. I discovered that I was much better at drawing horses than cats. :o)
One precious thing I found is a picture accompanied with a poem written for it by my late sister-in-law; we were collaborating on making greeting cards, shortly before we lost her. I am going to send the picture and poem to her daughter.
I am in awe of God's gifts in my life and I am getting excited about putting this portfolio together.
CWCW: Today a friend was coming over to help me clean the living room, and this inspired me to polish and dust the furniture, make my bed, empty the dishwasher and put away the laundry. We didn't get the LR cleaned because we had such a wonderful time talking and looking at my art, but it was a wonderful afternoon just the same. I think enlightenment is right around the corner.

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  1. How your talent has bloomed and grown! Education and dedication are the keys.
    Hugs, CR