Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today I didn't accomplish a lot. Inertia seems to still have a grip on me. I did show up for my volunteer job at the museum and found a new volunteer working at the computer where I normally work. She did not relinquish it, when I told her that I worked there on Thursdays. I can see that I need to call the director, who was not there, and explain things. I told her when I took the job, since she said I could work any day I wanted, I would work on Thursdays. She said it was fine. Apparently she forgot. I need to gently remind her. Stand up for myself. Butting heads with the other volunteer would not be cool, though, and I am glad I acted like a lady.

But I hung out with friends at lunch and went to a meeting where I received and gave feedback. Laughter fun and hugs are always good. And it was good to have a visit from my son.

There are still a couple of things I need to let go. Why do I hang on so tight when what God has in mind for me is always best?

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