Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be careful of what you think...

...because your thoughts rule you life. Romans
I have become convinced that I have to redirect my thoughts which stray to scary places. Last night I was looking at my portfolio which is just poor photographs of my art in cheap albums. The presentation is kinda of sloppy, and not all the paintings are included, since I haven't updated it in a long time. So to get out of my head, I started printing pictures from the computer and searching for them on disks, to compile a new portfolio. I still have some art I have never gotten around to photographing, which is the next project, then I am going to find a nice album to put them in.
The photos in "my pictures" on the PC were a mess; I like to keep them in folders where they are easy to find, but those rascally pictures got out somehow and were all mixed up--art and family photos, making searches difficult. But after an evening of hard work they are neatly stored in folders.

This is a good thing: I will have a portfolio to show and look at; I am a little more inspired to create again; I can see what a large body of work I have done in my life--I have done some really cool art, and it changed my thoughts for a day.

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