Saturday, January 23, 2010


"Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional."

Everything hurts and I have been given to despair a little today. I think gimping around because of the hip, puts a lot of strain on the whole body. I confess that I am not acquainted with chronic pain and the idea of it continuing freaks me out. But I only have to do it today. I do better when I focus on something good and repeat positive affirmations and Scriptures out loud.

On the hand, I think I am making progress in letting go and letting God in another area of my life. Acceptance can be an incredible relief. I think if I can get rid of the pain, I might feel almost normal.

CW&CW: Not much of that today, but I tidied the kitchen, did some laundry and cleaned all the cobwebs off the ceiling of the living room. I did talk to some friends on the phone, and go to a meeting and got some good hugs.

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