Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whacked out

God is good to me even when I am completely whacked out of my mind. Today in Bible study when I was discussing the pain in my hip that is depressing me (I don't want to be a crippled old lady!), one of those beautiful ladies dropped to the floor and demonstrated an exercise that might help. Another told me that extra weight puts added strain on the bones and joints and she said we could pray for each other in that regard. She also told me about the local dance club where she is learning ballroom dancing; oh I would like to do that if I could work up the nerve. When I got home there was an encouraging note in the mail from another friend. Tonight I had a lovely dinner and frank talk with my daughter in law, who's my part time room mate, about some issues in my life and in my late marriage that caused me a great deal of pain. God puts people there when I need them.

Sooo... I got the laundry caught up, the bed made and the dish washer loaded, even though I was still working at it at 9 pm.

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